On The
Plus Side

A Positively Life Changing Game

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“The Most Successful People Are Those Who Are Good at Plan B”

– James Yorke

On the
Plus Side

Giving children the lifetime gift of positive thinking!

More than just a game!

A Powerful and Flexible Resource In The classroom

“Those with flexibility (in their thinking) tend to be the happiest and most successful in life and at work”

– Peter Economy

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Plus Side

A Positively Life Changing Game

Can be played easily and quickly, anywhere and anytime!

A versatile, simple, fun and uplifting game!

Use and play in as many different ways as you are able to imagine!

Solutions focused promoting positive attitudes and flexible thinking!

Benefits include:

Give children the resources to grow and develop into happy, balanced, productive, decent human beings.

The benefits of playing On The

Plus Side

“On the Plus Side” is a game that draws on all the current ground breaking research in Resiliency, developing Gratitude, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

The simple act of promoting flexibility in thinking and developing emotional intelligence in children has far reaching proven benefits.

On The Plus Side and


On The Plus Side gives children and adults a safe and fun way to develop positive thinking, see the humour in adversity and find new ways to look at a situation and therefore, its possible solutions.

In Jessie Sholl’s article “The 5 Best ways to Build Resiliency”, she highlights the qualities and traits of resilient people.

Research would indicate that some people are born more resilient than others, however, it is definitely possible to develop resiliency.

Barbara Fredrickson, author of “Positivity “, says for people to develop a more balanced response to life’s situations they are required to:

On The Plus Side is a simple yet powerful resource to incorporate easily into your child’s life, whether in the classroom or at home. When played regularly, participants are given the opportunity to practise being positive and flexible in their thinking as they consider each scenario.

In our family it has led to a lovely new bedtime routine before our story and a new vocabulary for dealing with life's little setbacks. We think it's fab!

— Lorraine

Teacher and Parent

Gratitude changes everything.


Children and adults will develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’ through the regularly playing “On The Plus Side”.

The very act of focusing on “Plus Sides” to different scenarios means that the participants are looking for the positives and what they can appreciate in every situation.

Robert A Emmons, University of California and Michael E Mc Cullough, University of Miami did extensive research on the positive effects and benefits that a daily practice of gratitude develops.