Reframing Perspectives

With Plus Side Cards
A 6 Week Unit & Lesson Plans

Free Positive Self-Talk Lesson Plan

This specially crafted lesson plan will engage and challenge your students, providing them with the tools to reframe challenges, develop a positive mindset, and enhance their overall well-being.

Free Webinar

Designed for a range of age groups and contexts, the webinar aims to explain and demonstrate the incredible shifts in mindset, perception and resilience that PLAYING this game can initiate and sustain!

Presented by Natalie Borg, be the first to experience and access this innovative resource. Co-created by Rosemary Leavey, Natalie Borg and Melanie Moore.

This webinar is all about the revolutionary On the PLUS SIDE resource.

An exciting resource and approach for educators, families, mental health and wellbeing professionals, game enthusiasts and leaders of learning.

When used on a regular basis On the PLUS SIDE will be sure to transform thought patterns and shift negative mindsets for individuals and groups alike.