How to play the plus side

WHAT are the

Plus Side Cards

On The Plus Side is a game that helps our brains develop a positive mindset, flexible thinking and fosters resilience.

Practically On The Plus Side helps us regulate emotions and develop patterns of thinking that helps us to respond to challenging situations in helpful ways.

Play the Plus Side with either physical cards or the app.

Each pack has 78 scenarios, a mix between everyday real life situations as well as scenarios that encourage imaginative and whimsical responses, helping the brain to think creatively and opening pathways that engage creative right brain thinking.

WHY Playing the

Plus Side is Important

We tend to only see whatever we think and believe. For example if you think you’re not good enough or smart enough that tends to become a self fulfilling prophecy.
Another way to think about this is that your brain will continue to look for evidence and experiences that prove that belief is correct – until that is! You interrupt the negative pattern of thinking…that’s where Plus Side comes in!

The Plus Side is a resource that helps us reframe thinking to move us from fixed mindset attitudes to more flexible growth mindset thinking, and seek pathways that help us move through unexpected or challenging situations

How to play it

There are several ways you can play the Plus Side either in a classroom, work setting or home. Download the instructions in the how to play section of the site or app. Here are 4 quick ideas:

Speed Game: Play in pairs

Aim: Move through as many card scenarios as possible in one minute.

  1. Each player selects and reads a card from the deck or app.
  2. The other player quickly suggests a plus side to the scenario before choosing the next card to read out.
  3. Continue until the minute is up taking turns to read and respond to as many cards as possible.

Tally the Plus Sides: Play in groups (2 to 200 people)

Aim: Come up with as many Plus Sides as possible to one scenario in 1 minute

  1. One person selects and reads a card from the deck or app.
  2. In the group each player takes turns suggesting a plus side to the given scenario with one person keeping a tally as they go
  3. Play again with another scenario and see if you can increase the tally results

Plus Side 360: In small or large groups form one or more circles

Aim: To go around a circle 3 times using as few card scenarios as possible

  1. One person selects and reads a card from the deck or app.
  2. Going around the circle each person takes a turn to quickly come up with one plus side.
  3. Once a plus side is repeated OR there is 10 second delay in creating a new plus side a new card scenario is read and the game continues

Try this now:

Download or purchase a deck of Plus Side Cards. 

Select one or more of the games above and begin playing with your family, colleagues or students.

Create a ritual or habit of playing Plus Side in your home, work or classroom even if for just 5 minutes a day (in the car, before the start of a lesson, at the beginning of a meeting).

Play regularly and watch energy, mindset and results improve!